Claypaint is perfect for walls and ceilings because its very high clay content gives it a beautiful creamy consistency so it goes on like a dream. It is hard wearing, highly breathable and has no nasty smells.

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Lifestyle is a durable, washable, emulsion designed for busier homes, available in the signature colour palette. Click here for more information and colours.


Eggshell is perfect for painting your woodwork because it has a unique oil and acrylic free formulation that dries super quick to a silk sheen. It is non-yellowing and highly breathable. You don’t even need to use a primer. Click here for more information and colours.


'As a professional painter and decorator I was very impressed by Earthborn. I used Daisy Chain and Eiderdown in the Clay Paint finish and both only needed two coats creating  a really good depth of colour. Often with a yellow I would need to apply at least three coats. Also you can touch up with this paint whereas with other popular brands you have to repaint a whole wall.  Where I had allowed for 5 litres there was plenty left over. In terms of value for money Earthborn gives a beautiful finish and is comparable on price to other popular brands but goes much further. I will be recommending it to my customers.'








About Earthborn


Earthborn was founded as a small, independent brand back in 2002, with the aim of providing a true environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints. So it is safe to say that they have been supplying eco paints in the UK since before most people had heard of ‘eco’!  Since then they have worked hard to build a trusted reputation for performance with style.


They have marketed their paints successfully on the fact that they are high performance paints, with lots of special and unique attributes such as durability, breathability and no nasty smells. But over and above that they are also eco-friendly! For those looking for performance, sustainability, a healthier option or something beautifully different, Earthborn has it all.


The search which led us to Earthborn began with our customers and clients. We were being asked regularly whether our furniture paint can be used on walls because of it's beautiful matt finish.  The answer was always 'yes', but we felt there had to be a specialist product out there which would give the same finish.  Earthborn is that product.  There are 72 colours across 4 different finishes.  We hold colour cards and some sample pots in the Boutique. Other sample pots are available from us with FREE delivery at £4.50. We place our orders on Wednesday each week for delivery on Thursday.